We carry a full line of ProTUNE Air, Cabin, Fuel and Oil filters as well as Premium European Brand Name Filters!

Stocking ProTune filters puts the right part in the right place to complete jobs faster.

Features and Benefits

  • ProTUNE Oil Filters
    • Anti-drain back valve – Protects engine by ensuring oil is available during cold starts
    • By-pass valve – Allows lubrication of the engine even if the filter becomes blocked with debris
    • Steel top plate – Heavy duty 2.5mm or greater gauge steel plate firmly affixes to engine securing sealing gasket
    • Sealing gasket – Prevents leakage and is rated to cover temperatures between 49 and 275 degrees Fahrenheit
    • Filter – This pleated multi-fiber media traps contaminants, protecting the engine from debris
    • Steel compression spring – Maintains seal between filter element and base plate
    • Filter can – Steel is .55mm thick and is coated with baked powder paint to prevent rust and corrosion
  • ProTUNE Air Filters
    • Filter destructive particles like dust, pollen, sand and soot
    • Restores horsepower performance and improves gas mileage
  • ProTUNE Cabin Filters
    • Removes soot, dust, pollen & mold
    • Activated carbon removes odors
    • Improves comfort & air quality in vehicle
  • ProTUNE Fuel Filters
    • Removes unwanted contaminants from fuel such as silt and rust which cause wear
    • Protects the injection system from corrosion
    • Quick, easy replacement
    • Design and construction ensures excellent performance under all types of operating conditions

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