Designed for the Professional Service Provider

Posi-Met Semi-Metallic pads and PCT ceramic pads are manufactured using pressure mold technology to provide the best quality in the automotive aftermarket.

Features and Benefits

Pressure molding is the OE manufacturing process. We put 100% virgin friction materials (no regrinds) into the mold. Then put the mold in a 300 ton press. The friction materials are compressed while it is heated to create a very dense friction puck (reducing air gaps). A more dense friction puck lasts longer. Pressure mold uses very little resin. Low Resin = Superior Brake Pad Performance

  • High Density Puck – Leads to longer pad life and smoother braking surface
  • Low Resin – Virtually eliminates brake fade with no glazing or brake chatter
  • 100% Virgin Friction Material – Reduced rotor wear with low dust
  • 100% Integrally Molded – Friction materials are adhered to the backing plate as part of the production process
  • OE Slotting and Chamfering – Allows for proper heat and dust dissipation and improves seating
  • Sensors – Based on OE design, electronic sensors and wear indicators ensure optimal brake performance
  • Factory – Manufactured to ISO:9001 Quality System Standards


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