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2007- 2012 Nissan Versa Catalytic Converter Comparison

We dare to compare! Our catalytic converter is constructed from stainless steel tubing, including converter body and mounting points, mounting gaskets included. Benefits from BON-X Process Formulation Technology allow the wash-coat to be more evenly distributed within the catalyst to provide a more consistent coating. Heat shields are provided where necessary. What are you paying for? See how we compare to the competition.

Do You Know Catalytic Converters?

AI carries the most technologically advanced direct fit catalytic converters in the aftermarket. Our proprietary catalyst loading and wash-coat formulation is engineered to keep the check engine light off for the exact application it is cataloged for. We offer over 1,500 direct fit catalytic converters and over 4,000 sku’s. Legally compliant in all 50 states. See all the features of our catalytic converters.

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We are excited to welcome you to our new Latest News section of our website which we hope will serve as a useful resource for you and your business. Latest News gives us the opportunity to share tech tips, product showcases, and information on new parts, as well as updates on our team, community, store news and much more! One hundred percent of our training focus, marketing, promotions – everything – is dedicated to the Professional Service Provider and the Latest News section will be an extension of our commitment to you. We are proud to have the best local parts people in the industry, so if you have any questions about our content feel free to shoot us an email or pick up the phone and call your local AI Representative. We’ll be adding Latest News weekly with a variety of content relevant to you. Be sure to bookmark us, follow us on Facebook and Twitter and check back regularly. Thanks for stopping by! Welcome Letter.